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The ounce is an imperial unit of mass as well as US customary unit.

To avoid disambiguation it is sometimes called mass ounce.

The official name is international avoirdupois ounce, abbreviated as oz.

One Ounce which is equivalent to 1/16 international avoirdupois pounds.

The kilogram (kg) on the other hand is the basic unit of mass in the metric system (SI), also known as the International System of Units.

How to Convert Oz to Kg?

In 1959, the aforementioned pound has been specified as 0.45359237 kg.

Thus one ounce equals 0.028349523125 kg.

To conduct the conversion you have to multiply the mass in oz by 0.45359237 / 16.

The formula is [kg] = [oz] * 0.45359237 / 16

For example, to convert 2 ounces to kilograms multiply 2 by 1 / 0.028349523125 to get ~ 0.05669904625 kg.

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BTW: Although the terms mass and weight are used interchangeably in daily life, they are not the same.

In strict terms, ounces to kilograms is not a weight conversion, but a mass conversion.

You can learn more about it by reading the corresponding 4th paragraph on our home page.

There you can also find will find everything about pounds to kg, including a converter for example.

How many Kilograms in an Ounce?

History has seen many different ounces in the course of time.

They include Troy and Tower ounces, to mention but a few.

The troy ounce is still the standard to weigh gold, silver and other precious metals.

  • [kg] = [Troy ounce] * 0.45359237 / 14 7/12
  • [kg] = [Tower ounce] * 0.45359237 / 15 5/9

However, nowadays it’s safe to answer the questions how many kilograms in an oz and how many kilograms in an ounce as 0.028349523125 kilograms exactly.

As a rough estimate you can use this approximation: 1 oz ~ 0.0283 kg.

Spelled out, one pound is approximately equal to 0.0283 kilograms.

Frequent conversions include, for instance:

As a side note an ounce is equivalent to 1/16 avoirdupois pounds and to 437.5 grains.


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